When you least expect it

Surroundings are all around and you assume that people are staring at you which is not real it’s only a trauma and fear of being in Surroundings because you’re still processing to overcome totally. You are afraid of getting dragged again into that past phase where you’ve suffered a lot in an afloat and even in present you’re working on it.Taking steps one after one fearfully like a single wrong step can ruin whole things,things that are going nowadays smoothly a bit. That wrong step may be to be in an unwanted environment or carrying complicated conversation or to stay alone all the time or there may be triggering elements replayed in your unconscious while you sleep.

Everywhere there is fear fear fear and fear of getting betrayed ;no idea how it will. Ignoring all these happenings with great efforts you restarted new life where there is no harm you checked,no negativity checked in practical life the only thing you have to focus on is your health,your passion and on your coming bright everything you assume is good and effective but suddenly something arrives. Neither in your workplace nor in your home it arrives in your unconscious mind where no one is real,not even the place. Suddenly it starts when you go to bed after a long tired day to reduce the stress but as soon as you sleep your unconscious starts dreaming of all the bad ruckus ,chaos and negativity which starts reminding of all that affected you in the past. For a few days you got no affection for it,but as much as time is going and unconsciously replaying all bad stuff very smoothly you failed to neglect.

It is like a reminder of fear of getting betrayed that you have faced worsened which you never want to deal and even you don’t have that much courage to face that situations in coming time,it’s something you can avoid those past happened things but cannot deal with it again but mind is playing against your body and allows unconsciousness to triggers you in that way where you can’t even breathe while you sleep.

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