Destruction: Curse of ignorance

The ongoing natural calamities are the results of human ignorance. From so many decades people have exploited nature and other living creatures. This is the consequence of cutting trees and animals .

Every creature present on the earth is a part of ecosystem but human interference has destroyed the balance and now it’s time to get fruits of ‘karma ‘.

Greed of humans have always become the cause of worry. The desire of rulling , created ‘ Mahabharata ‘, ‘Ramayan’ , India was under British rule and other powers, and other countries also suffered because of greed .

To many cases/stories are present in every society but we people are blind and doesn’t want to hear /see the truth. The name ” Natural Calamities” should be changed to “Human/Greed Calamities” .

Our need and greed has created this situation. We are the creator of “Destruction”. We are the poisonous creatures on the earth. And the name of poison is ‘greed’ which never gets nullified.

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