Dignity of a woman

When ‘ Nirbhaya ‘ case happened then so many people were showing agitation. If the rape is done by out siders or any unknown people,we get too much angry and do pretest against it. And what about the rape done by close one or family members. Is it not crime? Even if the individual does not want to marry their relatives and parents force them. So many well wishers of the society start forcing your family to marry your children. Is it not crime?

Forceful marriages in the name of society and poverty so many people are forced to marry. Are this people not criminal? Is it not crime? Is it not a rape or veshyavritti? I think any thing which is done forcefully is a crime and should be stopped. Because no one has a right to exploit anyone. It is like giving prison to somebody else for your own sake. How fair is it we have to think about it ?


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