Diversities of the Nations

Every Nation is different and their status is different. Every country is facing their own problems in different ways . Every where problems are same and common people are being affected . Rich section of the society is getting growth and prosperity.But poor section of the society is still under deprivation.

In the name of development every country is following western culture. But the problems they are facing is the sign of unsatisfied life.

We see poor section of the society is already caught up in orthodox and paradox practices. And this is one of the main reason of being poor and doing crime.

It is used to say ” only rich commit crime, poor are always innocent” . But in reality the crimes poor are committing is more than what rich people are doing.Poor people commit more crimes but most crimes are done in family so don’t get registered and It’s because of jealousy people criticise about rich people.

If we see the statistics rich people are more active and willing to work for better but poor doesn’t want to work they work to get food only. Rich people work day and night but poor people only works in crisis other wise they simply rest and give excuses about destiny and God.

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