We all know about so many merits and demerits about dowry . We have both kind of people in society. But in both the cases women are still in loss . Because the money or dowry she gets in marriage is used by her husband and his family.

What about a girl or lady who have nothing to own and even in the name of marriage, if she gets something that too is owned by somebody else. And we all know the greed of capturing the property is the main cause of women’s forceful marriage . And so many people get married just to gain money. How the marriage will work? Then people criticise about mental stress.

People themselves are responsible for the life they are living. If they want to change life, they have to change the choices and priorities they are making. Watch the people you are surrounded by “how satisfied they are” . If they are satisfied with their own life, then why are they taking too much interest in yours?

Do you ever see somebody’s food if your stomach is full ? No ,because you are enjoying your own food,so is the life.


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