Is education cause of corruption?

One side it can be said that education is the main cause of corruption but it’s not the root cause of it. Even before the education revolution so many corrupt practices were in society. We had dowry,sati pratha, devdasi, Bali pratha etc .In the name of god so many I’ll practices were part of our society even today so many I’ll practices still happen in society in the name of culture. Then how can we say the education is the cause of corruption? People are already corrupt.But because of education and media, now we get to know about the world corruption very easily.

Before the corruption was hidden .And now it’s common to see (By corruption I mean I’ll practices ) . Because torturing somebody, violating somebody’s Fundamental rights too is corruption. Making somebody’s life miserable is also corruption. Anything which is related to exploitation is corruption.

. In the past, people were corrupted but it was mostly happened to women. Women were the victim and no one wanted to accept the fact of being corrupted . Now because of media women are raising voices. Even today so many people are greedy and mean. They are still continuing corrupt practices by hook or crook. And the orthodox and paradox type of people are the one who are corrupted but doesn’t want to accept it.

Education is just tool of knowledge but the intention of being corrupted is a choice. And the root cause of corruption is greed not education.

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