Property rights

In India property rights are given to women also. But despite having property rights, women are still stucked in an abusive relationships . They are still not free . So many families are still not giving property to their daughters. And the main role in capturing the property rights of women’s is specially their brother. Despite being incapable and being less talented they capture the parent’s house as well as business. They throw their sisters out of the house and think it is their right.Women get emotionally black mailed and don’t take their share .

I think the administration should play a role in it. If someone’s property rights are violated that property should be sealed and parents should be punished at all cost . And if the property rights are violated by brother then they should be punished strongly as well.

Government should make a department which will deal with property rights of family members and execution of their rules. This department should keep all the details regarding property ownership of the families and in doing that government will have every detail of the property, money circulation and transparency in every family and at the same time property distribution should be done by government officials by this every member of family will get equal opportunities regardless of their gender.

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