We all know the importance of trees on earth. Despite having so much polution and medical conditions, sawmill businesses are flourishing. We all know by cutting trees, we are decreasing oxygen level on earth. And this oxygen reduction is one of the main reason of diseases .

One side government is allowing sawmill businesses to grow and on other side making environmental laws and restrictions. One side giving permission to cut down trees and on other side planting some sapling and thinking this will be enough.

Is tree cutting not a crime as allowing a child to work in hazardous environment? Are we waiting to be on ventilator. How many of us could get ventilator on time? How many people got ventilator in corona period? Are we preparing to die ? Are we desperate to die? If not then why are we exploiting resources and creating unnecessary problems for others who will take the responsibility? Are those who are cutting trees will come to pay the hospital bills or the government will compensate for health loss by giving money. And the consequence of it will be inflation growth.

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