Test tube baby and Women's independence

Recently I heard about test tube baby and its successful results. So many people get married to get a boy baby who will take care of them. And this greed of getting old age comfort leads to injustice to women.

Test tube baby is one of the great invention of making women empowered . Many people are bound to marry just to get baby and because of this women had to sacrifice their health, body, beauty, career, and personal growth stops due to this.

This invention would be quite costly. Only rich can afford, so I think government subsidies should be given to this invention by which poor people could afford and get benefits and women won’t have to suffer.

But again government have to be careful while making policies regarding this or else it will lead to population growth again. And should promote celibacy and benefits of adopting it . Only by this we can solve lots of problems of society. As a human being women deserve all kind of growth.Because of this common people will be less interested in early marriages and people can have a child in old age too. By doing this every individual of the country will get more time to get personal growth and financial stability in life.

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