Vedic Era

In Vedic era we had varna system which was based on occupation. In present era it is caste based which is getting improvised slowly.

But the concept of having varna system is not only physical or materialistic. It was in the mind of the society that no body is superior or inferior irrespective of the work done by them , or their physical identity. Every one used to get respect of being. People used to understand that everyone is important. They used to uplift the individual, keeping their personal egos aside. They used to worship a woman not physically but giving respect internally. Because humans used to value individuality and their uniqueness.

People did not had idol to worship because every one was like a ‘ living idol’ . After Vedic Era we started doing worshipping and yagya in desire of getting something but we ourself didn’t try to become like our ancestors.

Still there is lots of stuff I can share about vedic era but the important is “do we really want to be like them?”. If yes , then we all have to be the living idols . The one who gives happiness and blessings to everyone irrespective to what they are giving to us . Simply just method of upliftment of others will definitely bring the vedic era back.

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