Coal Production Goes up to 76.26 Million Tonne in May 2023

 The Ministry of Coal has achieved a remarkable feat with a substantial surge in overall  coal production during the month of May’23, reaching 76.26 Million Tons(MT), surpassing the figures of the month May’22 of 71.21 MT, representing an increase of 7.10%. The production of Coal India Limited (CIL) has increased 59.94 MT in the month of May’23 as compared to 54.72 MT in May’22 with the growth of 9.54%. The cumulative coal production has seen quantum jump of 149.41 MT in FY’ 23 as compared to 138.41 MT in FY’22 with a growth of 7.94%.

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With increased First Mile Connectivity infrastructure,  coal dispatch in the month of May ’23 registered at 82.22 MT as compared to 77.79 MT in May ’22,  growth of 5.70%.  Coal dispatch from Captive and Commercial coal block has reported at 12.23 MT in May’23 in comparison to 10.47 MT in May ‘22 with the growth of 16.84 %. The cumulative Coal dispatch has registered remarkable increment of 162.44 MT in the FY 2023-24, up from 149.76 MT in the FY 2022-23, with an increase of 8.47%.

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This Impressive upturn in offtake has resulted in a comfortable coal stock position, guaranteeing  reliable and abundant supply of coal lying at pithead coal stock at CIL, SCCL, stock at TPP(DCB) etc. The total coal stock as of 31st May 2023 is 112.41 MT, compared to 82.97 MT on 31st May 2022 with the growth of 35.48%.  The positive coal stock position has strengthened the capability to tackle unforeseen fluctuations in energy demand and ensures meeting the energy demands of the nation.

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Furthermore, the availability of coal rakes, which play a crucial role in coal transportation, has remained consistently good throughout this period due to the initiative taken by the Ministry to augment rail connectivity infrastructure under PM Gati Shakti to ensure seamless evacuation of coal. This positive trend in rake availability has facilitated the smooth transportation of coal, minimized transportation bottlenecks, and ensured uninterrupted supply.

The Ministry is making constant efforts to augmenting coal production. The Ministry has already moved forward with a comprehensive plan for responsible development, placing strong emphasis on fostering conscientious coal mining practices that   prioritize the well-being of the environment and communities.


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