Sergey Tokarev from Roosh: AI HOUSE Camp 2023 for Ukrainian IT specialists

 The Ukrainian IT sector needs strong support and assistance, especially after the full-scale invasion of Russia. With this in mind, many companies, organizations, and entrepreneurs, in particular international ones, gathered their forces to create powerful supportive IT communities. AI HOUSE is one of those initiatives that has actively operated since the war started. Sergey Tokarev, the co-founder of the tech company ROOSH, comments on the forthcoming event for IT specialists in Ukraine.

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A new project of AI HOUS

AI HOUSE initiative is launching a five-day camp for IT specialists in Ukraine. The organizer prepared a fruitful time for different specialists to improve their products and generate innovative ideas to put into practice. The camp is to be held offline in Lviv from 11 to 15 September.

According to Sergey Tokarev, the candidate selection is going to be pretty tough. The camp invites engineers, researchers, marketing specialists, project managers, and enthusiasts in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. People who want to build their careers in this area also have an opportunity to participate. But only 35 candidates are eligible to join the camp. The key criteria in candidate selection are their ideas and experiences.

“AI HOUSE Camp 2023 is an important initiative to achieve our mission to promote creating new AI product companies and developing artificial intelligence in Ukraine. We want to combine AI and ML enthusiasts from all over the country with experienced mentors to create new Generative AI solutions and implement ideas that will shape the future,” says the AI HOUSE team.

AI HOUSE Camp 2023: What to expect?

The project’s objective is to help specialists and startups generate innovative ideas and level up their skills in the IT area. The participants have time to apply for it till 28 August 2023.

The selected candidates will receive a range of tasks to do. Together, they will group seven teams, and each team will have to develop a particular idea with the mentor’s assistance. The best teams with the best technological solutions will be rewarded. The reward involves being considered by the tech company ROOSH  for further investment and scaling.

Sergey Tokarevnotes that special guests will evaluate every work created by each team. Among them are CTO and co-founder of Reface Oles Petriv, Investment Analyst at Roosh Ventures Anna Melnychuk, Head of Research at SQUAD Oleksandr Zarechkovy, and co-founder and Head of R&D of ZibraAI startup Vlad Zavadsky.

Does the initiative offer a fixed prize?

The AI HOUSE Camp 2023 organizer does not offer any fixed prize for participating. They encourage candidates to donate 1000 hryvnia or more, as they cover the rest of the expenses. Sergey Tokarev mentions that all proceeds are going to be transferred to Reaktivna Poshta. It is a charitable organization that has been operating since 2014. It has provided gunners with spare parts, equipment, and other necessary materials.

The leading partner of the event is ROOSH. The Faculty of Applied Sciences of the Ukrainian Catholic University and one of the largest R&D centers in Ukraine SQUAD are among other partners.

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