Even in 2022 , where everybody preaches equality , Dalits are  still considered as a lower cast and have to face discrimination from society.  But some of them have started to stand for themselves as they don’t want to let their children and family go through the humiliation that they’ve faced in past. Such is a case of Natu Parmar. Only on the basis of his cast , he wasn’t allowed to arrive on a horse at his marriage due to the fear of negative reaction from the upper castes people of his village. He decided he would not let such a thing to happen to his daughter.  He set a perfect example of women’s empowerment by making his daughter sit not on a horse but on an elephant during her wedding procession. This Friday , he made his daughter Bharti take out her pre wedding procession sitting on an elephant . The elephant was called from Ahemdabad and was decorated with beautiful vibrant colors. The animal had banners that read ‘Let the child teach’ and ‘Give rights to the daughter’. There was also a photo of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar that went on to give the message of equal rights to all irrespective of caste and gender. Parmar said, “Police permission is required to use the elephant but no police protection was taken at the event. We want to give a message to the Dalit society to not be afraid of anyone as all of us are equal and laws are there to protect us. Parmar has also protested at the collector’s office with a cow carcass while opposing the 2016 Una flogging incident. He has an NGO called Navnirman Trust which works for the cause of Dalits and the service of sick cows. The trust also has a museum to keep all the plastic consumed by cows in order to give society a strong message. Parmar has two sons aged 19 and 21 years, who like their elder sister, are pursuing a course in nursing. “The boys have got their mother’s name written in their school records instead of their father’s, to give the message of women empowerment,” said Parmar.  Bharti is currently working as a general staff nurse in Limdi General Hospital with a degree in nursing and midwifery. Bharti’s in laws are also aware of Parmar’s love for Bharti and his ways of social welfare

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