Keto diet

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Are you confused about what to do or what not ,about your fat loss, and your friend asked you to start Keto diet, and you don’t know about this you can read all about here.. 


You have heard about the Keto diet which is also known as ketogenic diet, the Fitness trend which people uses to focus on staying  fit.
According from the data from Google trends searches for this trendy eating plan which was made by Kim Kardashian who is a huge fan of this diet plan ,quadrupled in 2017! But for those who don’t know about Keto diet you can read all about it here.
Keto diet is also well known for low carbs diet .The main aim of ketogenic diet is send the body in ‘ketosis ‘ state using a very low strict low carb diet. Keto diet is basically the diet plan for those who wants to burn fat .The main goal will be quickly lose weight and then feel fuller with fewer cravings .Clinically, the ketogenic diet used in nerurologic medicine.
The diet was introduced as a weight loos diet by an Italian professor of surgery ,Dr.gianfranco cappello of sapienza university in Rome.
Lower carb diet

These diets provide fewer carbs and are known to bring quick weight loss .

Pros and cons

✔fatty food embraced
✔can cycle in and out
✖strict carb limit
✖can seem extreme

It is a high fat diet. You can get fat from different resources, eg. Avocados,nuts etc .Baiscally keto diet was introduced many year before,to treat epilepsy patients .Its a very monitored diet so, normally I will never recommend Keto diet to someone but talking about the facts we have in 1905 American doctors researched that so if the epilepsy patients consume Keto diet so they gets hypered so they decided to make diet which consists maximum fat low carbs and as the results they are approximately get success to control the effects of epilepsy patients .

What are the things you can eat in keto diet ?

High fat dairy
Fish and sea food
Natural fat
Berries in moderation

What should we don’t eat during Keto diet?
Soda and juice

Keto diet

Because nutrient dense food like veggies and fruit aren’t exactly staples with ketogenic diet

The pros of Keto diet

1)Cancer fighting properties

Cancer cells , like normal healthy cells utilize glucose for energy but at a match higher rate. There is an emerging research that suggests that patients who combine with ketogenic diet with their traditional cancer therapies ,such as radiation ,may improve tumor response, or dampen tumor growth.

2)May increase female fertility

Ketogenic diet alters a person metabolism ,may find the following the ketogenic diet seems to help some of underlying issues with fertility

3)Helps in Loos Weight 
Stay healthy , stay  fit
Stay healthy ,stay fit
Stay healthy , stay fit
Stay healthy ,stay fit


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