Love Is Love

Pride in celebrated all across the globe in June. Pride month is the time to wave the rainbow flag. Every June the LGBTQIA+ community worldwide comes together for a month long celebration of love, diversity, acceptance and unashamed self-pride.This month is part activism and part celebration of all that the community has achieved over the years. The month is all about equality and educating the world about the historical impact of the LGBT advocates. But why particularly June? June was chosen as the Pride month to remember the 1969 Stonewall Riots held against a police raid  that took place at a club called Stonewall Inn in New York City on June 28 claiming that the bar was running without a proper legal license. These raids were nothing but violently harassing and arresting the LGBTQ community from the few places where they really felt safe. In 1969 when homosexuality was banned in America, the NY police would frequently raid queer bars and harass the community. Similar raids that taken place for decades on gay friendly businesses. But Stonewall Inn, was the first time when the patrons fought back. All hell broke loose on June 28 when the queer community fought back and protested hard for several days. People clashed with the officers, Objects were thrown and the Riots came to be known as the Stonewall Riots. The incident changed the world forever.  And the first official Pride parade was carried out the following year. From then on , the tradition of the Pride month began. Pride parades arw carried out all across the globe , of course in India as well. June is not only a month to celebrate but also to educate the generations on the LGBTQ, their struggles and history.

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