My Top 3 John Green Novels

John Green is a beloved Young Adult Contemporary Fiction author and is without a shadow of a doubt one of my favourites as well. One of the things I loved the most about his novels is the fact that he truly gave each character their own voice (whilst writing in the first person). Along with perfectly heart-wrenching plot lines, John Green quickly grew close to my heart. Here are my three favourite John Green novels!

#3- Paper Towns

One of the things John Green does the best is showcase contrast in all its various forms- whether it is between expectations and reality or simply two characters. The contrast between the lives of Quentin and Margo combined with this really makes Paper Towns a memorable read.

I finished this particular one in one sitting when I was fourteen. A wild-goose-chase with plot twists around every corner makes a riveting read thus justifying its position in my top 3 books.

#2- The Fault in Our Stars

Owing to its popularity, it may be surprising to some that this book is not my #1 favourite John Green novel. While not occupying that coveted spot, The Fault in Our Stars is, in my opinion, a modern classic and also the perfect introduction to John Green’s writing. It is a perfect example of how Green manages to make every character reach the readers’ hearts and make what might seem like a cliche story, an unexpected, beautiful, and real love story.

The Fault in Our Stars was the first John Green book that I- and several others, I am sure- read. The tragic and heart-wrenching story of Hazel Grace and Gus holds a special place in my heart.

#1- Looking for Alaska

Looking for Alaska was the most surprising John Green book that I have ever read- there were changes along the road that I could have never seen coming. Of all books, this one really showcases how out-of-control life can actually be. All of the characters are so very flawed and not even in ways in which everyone can relate to. Somehow, I believe that the characters of this novel are the most likeable out of all of John Green’s novels.

This book is written in a Before/After format and we spend the entire first half of the book in anticipation of what could possibly happen while slowly falling in love with the characters and their lives. Alaska’s death is probably one of the most heart-breaking events in the John Green universe but I wouldn’t have it any other way!

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