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Poorna Chandra Tejaswi was renown Indian author and novelist in kannada with a pen name poochanthe. He is son of jnanapith awardee, a famous kannada poet, Raashtrakavi kuvempu and Hemavati. Tejaswi was born on 8 September 1938 in kuppalli in Shimoga district of Karnataka state. Tejaswi has written poems, short stories, novels and also translated many English works into kannada.

His first story is “Linga Banda” which described about the western Ghats from a small boy`s perspective. The story got best story award by newspaper Prajavaani. He graduated from from Maharaja college Mysore and moved to Mudigere Chikmagalur district in Karnataka. because of his immense interest in nature Tejaswi took up farming. If you read his works you will understand the immense love he had for nature. He makes you roam Mudigere while you are sitting in your room through is works.

Tejaswi is known as a navya sahithi, a writer of navya period. He is also a Bandaya poet, a genre of protest literature. He was a polymath. He did farming, writing, photography, painting and many more things. Tejaswi has won many awards like Rajyotsava award, Pampa award, kannada sahithya academy award, Karnataka state film award for his many of his works. Some of his famous works include karvalo, Chidambara rahasya, Jugari cross, huliyoorina sarahaddu, Bellandoorina narabhakshaka, Sahaja krushi, Missing link, Hejje Moodada haadi, Papillon and many more.

He is married to Rajeshwari Tejaswi. Susmitha Tejaswi and Eshanye Tejaswi are his children. He died of cardiac arrest on 5 April 2007 at his farmhouse Niruttara, Mudigere, Chikmagalur district.

Why Tejaswi is everyone’s favorite?

Yes, Tejaswi is everyone’s favorite and mine too. That’s mainly because of his storytelling technique. You go into the dark thick forest while reading his books. You feel the presence of that human eating tiger when he describes it. You are in the adventure while reading his books. He hooks the reader right from the start. he is honest, hilarious and clever at the same time.

Lets take a book called karvalo. In the book they take an adventure to find a strange flying lizard Draco dussumieri, a flying lizard which is capable of gliding from tree to tree found in western Ghats. at the end when the characters, scientist karvalo, the farmer and his fellowmen try to catch the weird creature, but it escapes through the jungle. But the reader, you will feel the fatigue of the efforts they made, you will be annoyed because they didn’t able to catch it.

Not only his storytelling, the other thing that make you read Tejaswi again and again is the knowledge he hides in his books. His book missing links talks about human evolution. The set of three books headed Vismaya , talks about variety of species and facts about them you wouldn’t know ever existed. He doesn’t only entertain you, but he gives nutritious food to your brain.

Tejaswi always links science and philosophy. The incidents that happen in his stories become guard and guide your life. he grows morals in the reader. He grows love and appreciation for nature. Tejaswi puts you in a sense of responsibility towards nature. He makes you believe in simple living. He will push you to think about problems of agriculturists. He talks about culture and and history. He perfectly reaches out to youth.

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