Loneliness - Not a depression

 Loneliness - Not a depression

We feel happy when we are surrounded by our loved one and that makes us comfortable around them and sometimes we get used to that comfort zone. Imagine being get used to it and suddenly they're not near you or with you. You'll not feel yourself and you get lonely all by yourself. This can make you to think different things and there may be multiple thoughts. As it is said "An idol mind is the devil's workshop".

Especially in these pandemic times there have been many cases of suicide due to depression and loneliness. Inspite of the death due to covid, people have died unable to control their emotions. This made us to think if loneliness is more dangerous than the disease. Recently there was a case where a 45 year old man and 42 year Old women lived in a village. They don't have any child and lived all by themselves. Recently her husband was suffering from Covid and the wife couldn't take that thinking what will she do when he died. Thinking about all the loneliness that's gonna happen future the wife died committing suicide. However husband lived but after knowing about his Wife death he drank poison and died.

This made me devoted for their love but made me sad for their death. They could've waited but loneliness made them to do the drastic step. Not every loneliness can lead to death but some can change a person's life. Loneliness is not a dangerous thing but a life changing thing where one can analyse themselves. If you don't have anyone to talk, it is better to talk to yourself rather than depend on someone. Loneliness can make a person self-independent and self- survivor. It can improve a individual skill where one can explore and develop their talents. Everything doesn't come easy to everyone. One has to struggle to get things done.

Yes! This lockdown and pandemic can be tough and separate everyone from their loved one but it doesn't mean that you have to feel lonely. May be it is time to explore yourself and develop your skills.

As Darwin said, "Survival of the fittest".

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