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 Jaipur: science and research have a huge importance in building up the strong nation. India contains many famous and prestigious government research institutes. Research institutes provide important impulses for the development of new products and cooperate in nearly every stage of the innovation process. It is a platform for new ideas, skills and innovations. The major benefits of studying in research institutions are having improved course selection, a chance to follow your passion and make a difference, high-level credentials, educational and career opportunities, and study under passionate educators.Government of India and some National agencies established many national and central institutes. These institute or centers improves services and treatments not just for you but also for future generations.Some national agencies are Council of scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) is one of the world’s largest publicly funded Research and Development organization. It is a premier national R&D organization that has a number of institutes under it. Department of biotechnology (DBT) is responsible for administrating development and commercialization in the field of modern biology and biotechnology in India. Department of Science and Technology (DST) has responsibility of formulation S&t policies and their implementation, identification, and promotion of thrust areas of research in different sectors of Science & Technology(S&T); technology information, forecasting, and assessment; international collaboration, promotion of science & society programs and coordination of S&T activities in our country. Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) is the oldest medical research bodies in the world which formulate, coordinate and promote biomedical research. Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR)This body is responsible for coordinating agricultural education and research in India. These institutions offer a unique and amazing career opportunities for the students. Students can develop effective communication, research, and analytical skills, and critical thinking expertise through detailed research. Students develop over all as there thinking skills, analytical skills and communication skills develops.

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