Elon Musk's Twitter profile picture change sends Dogecoin soaring

 The Tesla boss changed his Twitter profile picture to snap of him wearing glasses reflecting Dogecoin's symbolic Shiba Inu, making the cryptocurrency value jump on Monday.

The picture shows musk in a mirrored sunglasses with Shiba Inu dog flashing through the frame.

The tech billionaire changed his display picture soon after mentioning that his son was holding his doge like a champin a reply tweet.

This isn't the first time Musk has mentioned Dogecoin. The 50-year-old has often sent the prices of doge cryptocurrency soaring on numerous occasions by sharing memes on social media. And Musk's recent picture change did not go unnoticed by Dogecoin's co-founder Bill Markus, who took to Twitter to share his own meme.

Thought previously Dogecoin saw a jump in the market, the recent fall of cryptocurrencies has been a matter of worry for many, especially the investors. However, the recent push by Musk surely brought slight relief for Dogecoin.

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