Facebook is one of the major platforms for all businesses trying to reach a wide range of audiences. Facebook advertisement is more user-friendly and brings more traffic to your business.

More than 90% of social media marketers use Facebook as their means of marketing and expanding their horizons. To fully conquer advertising on Facebook, it is important to have perseverance and a deep understanding of how it works. From a start-up to massively grown companies everyone need a platform to promote their products.

Types of FB ad formats:

  • Image ads: It is always recommended to use images for promoting your business.
  • Video ads: Moving images always catch the user’s attention.
  • Carousel ads: Showcasing up to 10 images/videos with links in a single ad. It supports various businesses.  
  • Messenger ads: This makes it easier to drive into conversation over a large scale.
  • Collection ads: This format features multiple products and gives an instant experience once the user interacts with your product. 
  • Instant experience: It gives a full-screen ad experience to the user when tapped on the ad.
  • Slideshow ads: It supports motion, text, and sound unlike video ads it is quicker and load time is low which helps to show a beautiful story about your growth.
  • Playable ads: It gives a try-before-you-buy experience to the user. 

How does it work exactly?

Facebook targets users based on their location, ethnicity, and interests. Location can track the user’s country, state, zip code and show the ads which are more relevant to their needs. Gender and interests increase the probability of targeting the right people. Categories related to technology, science & inventions can target the young changemakers and women of age group 18 and above get attracted towards the skin & hair care products and so on.

You can use free ad management tools on Facebook like- Facebook Ads Manager and Power Editor for creating, running, and managing your ads. Once you create your advertisement you can track the traffic by using Facebook Pixel.

What should you keep in mind?

  • The most important part of advertising on Facebook is the image of your ad, you won’t get clicks unless you have catchy pictures and taglines.
  • Provide free valuable content to the audience.
  • Creative, articulate, and limited lines of description can always help.
  • Attention– Content of your product must grab the attention of the customers.
  • Desire– It should create a desire in the customer to buy your product. Tip: By describing the benefits of using your service and provide discounts for new users.
  • Service– Make your services available for users over a range.

Here, I have provided an external link which answers most of the common questions on Facebook advertisements.

Advantages of Facebook ads:

  • It offers you the flexibility to expand your business.
  • Can get a chance of collaborating with multiple companies.
  • Budget-friendly for new users.
  • A quick way to fall into the eyes of the audience.

Disadvantages of Facebook ads:

  • Ads alone can’t guarantee sales.
  • Unless to pay for your ads you will not have customers. 
  • Have to handle hate and avoid plagiarism.

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