How to find a job during the pandemic?

Not only has the coronavirus pandemic had a big influence on the world economy, but it has also had a significant impact on your employment search. It has wreaked havoc on the stock market and harmed a variety of businesses. If you have a present employment, you are most likely working from home.

Small businesses have been forced to close temporarily, while large corporations have been impacted by the stress of losing customers and a disrupted supply chain. According to NBC News, there are estimates that the jobless rate in the United States will hit 20%.

Layoffs, furloughs, reduced hours and overtime pay, and hiring freezes have all been used by certain companies in response to the health crisis. Other businesses are actively hiring and publishing new job openings on a daily basis.

There’s a lot of uncertainty right now about what the national and global impact on hiring will be, but there are ways to stay positive and proactive about your job search at this turbulent time.

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Engage your network

People recognise that this is a terrible time and want to assist in any way they can. Let your friends and relatives know you’re looking for work and tell them what kinds of employment you’re looking for and which companies you’re targeting so they can keep an eye out for openings. If they hear anything, they’ll let you know. 

Even if human resources isn’t through sorting through the applications that come in through the ATS, those email intros, or having individuals in your network send your resume and cover letter on your behalf, can boost your application to the top of the pile.

If you find openings at a company where you previously worked, don’t be afraid to contact former coworkers and superiors. Because they know your skills and work ethic, they are more inclined to hire you than the competition. Even if they aren’t hiring, they can serve as references for other applications you are submitting.

Because they work in the sector, they may be aware of other opportunities through their own network and can refer you.

Practice phone and video job interviews

Because so many people now work remotely, job interviews are now conducted over the phone or by video rather than in person. A phone interview can be more difficult because it is more difficult to understand someone’s reaction and establish a dialogue that flows organically.

It can be more difficult to do a video interview because being on camera can be uncomfortable.

Take on a temp or freelance gig

If you don’t have a job right now, look for temp and freelance employment to help pay the bills. When you impress your coworkers, it could lead to a full-time employment. Working for a temp agency is also a good way to pick up some in-demand skills.

Employers are searching for employees who are self-disciplined enough to work from home and have outstanding writing skills, so if you’re currently working from home, keep that in mind.

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Show off your transferrable skills

Because there is so much competition for jobs right now, it’s critical to step up your game. First, look for positions that have been posted recently, as this indicates that the organisation is looking to fill a current position. If a job posting has been up for several weeks, it may no longer be a top priority for the organisation.

When perusing job listings, remain confident in yourself and realise that you can still acquire a job.

Customize your application for each job

Spend more work on each cover letter and resume so that your resume and cover letter are noticed. Modifying them for each job application takes extra effort, but it is important. When you apply for a job online, your resume is typically entered into an Applicant Tracking System (ATS), which analyses your resume to see if you meet the job posting’s requirements. 

Don’t replicate everything word for word, but make sure your resume and cover letter include the bulk of the most significant parts of the job. According to Monster data, nearly 75% of applications that go through an ATS are rejected because they don’t fulfil the hiring manager’s standards, such as the correct abilities, education level, or job titles, so it’s critical to get your resume in the door.

Stay up to date

Read about the companies and the world of market. Make this a habit to stay up to date without any obstacle. This will help you to be spontaneous and aware.


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