Segmenting a market?

See everybody has their own likes and dislikes right? It is always possible that my need and your need can be different or even similar also. Market segmentation is just the most useful aspect in which a marketer can divide the whole market into subgroups of people having the same needs and wants. Must be wondering why it is done? So by this concept marketer gets the clear idea of the group demanding the same products and can easily satisfy their demand on that basis. Suppose if their is a group of teenagers than obviously their demand and needs about a product will be different from that of old age group. Likewise we have many different basis for market segmentation let us just understand them one by one:

  • Geographic Segmentation: This is the most simple method of market segmentation as in this the people living in one region of the country have different buying behaviours from that of the people living in some other region and thus this becomes the base for dividing the market .
  • Demographic Segmentation: Demographic elements such as age(teenagers/adults/retired), occupation, education, sex and income are used here for Segmentation.
  • Psycho-graphic Segmentation: Under this basis the consumers are divided into subgroups on the basis of their psychological attitude and also includes their personality and lifestyle.
  • Behavioral Segmentation: Consumers are here divided on the basis of the knowledge , attitude and use of actual products.
  • Volume Segmentation: It is assumed that most of the product is sold to a certain percentage of people. There are light , medium and heavy users of products. It is important for the business to give due consideration to the heavy users so that they must not switch to some other brand and also along with that they are required to adopt various techniques to convert light , medium and non users into the heavy one.
Easy explaination of its benefits.

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