Green consumerism: New way of life

Green Consumerism: Importance, Examples and Strategies - Conserve Energy  Future

We all are consumers in some way or the other. Even before we are born, we are consumers and this cycle completes only after our death. In this era of consumerism, it is extremely difficult for one to not be a consumer and being a consumer is something to be ashamed of.

Even though being a consumer is not bad, exploitation by consumer is something to worry about. Unlike a socialist economy in a capitalist world, the producers produce what the consumers demand. So, the responsibility vested with the consumer is rising day by day. When a consumer makes an irresponsible choice, he is encouraging the producer to be exploitative. Realising this power of consumers, a new term has originated, green consumer.

Who is a green consumer?

A green consumer is a person who makes a wise choice. They buy a product or avail a service after considering the environmental impact. They check the components of the product, the environmental effects of the product and such aspects in detail.

Economic, social, and cultural forces have set the framework for green consumerism. This is because it is a social attitude and movement in the modern era, especially aimed at encouraging people to be more aware of the firms’ production processes and only to buy or use products and services that do not harm the environment. For this reason, green consumerism has created a balance between the buyers’ behaviours and the organizations’ profit objectives as it mostly based on the sustainable and pro-environmental behaviour of consumers.

Why is it important to be a green consumer?

From second half of the twentieth century, world has started its efforts for environment conservation. Even though commerce and industries are one of the largest contributors to environment degradation, they were the last to act for environment protection. One such arena is green consumerism. In a world which spins on the axis of consumerism it is important for a consumer to make environment friendly choices. Also, there is shift in the mindset of the businesses from seller centric to consumer centric approach. Recognizing this immense power vested with them consumers could influence the market to produce environment friendly goods. Also, the fact that environment degradation could lead even to the extinction of humankind has opened the eyes of general public.

How to be a green consumer?

  • Use paraben free products.
  • Use cloth bags and don’t demand plastic carry bags.
  • Promote organic goods.
  • Avoid using synthetic materials that could harm the world
  • Avoid pollutants while choosing products.
  • Use recycled products.
  • Avoid the practice of use and throw.
  • Give importance to energy efficiency.
  • Practice modern methods of environment protection.
  • Shop according to the need.
  • Minimize paper usage
  • Check energy labels in daily utility products
  • Avoid using bottled water
  • Reduce electricity consumption
  • Reduce your carbon footprint
  • Check for environment friendly certification.

Ultimately change of mindset is the most significant factor in green consumerism. It requires people to avoid certain comforts and embrace the difficult but fruitful path. It is the duty of consumers to influence the producers to shift towards a greener path. The consumer is the king in the present scenario. They should use their power for the good of the world.

Let us all strive to act green for a better future. We should lead a sustainable living and preserve what inherited for the coming generations.

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